Start your career as a web developer

Start your career as a web developer

Hi all,

Today, I am going to guide you in your career. To become a web developer is not that difficult. It’s very easy, and you can start for it right away. If you have already chosen your career as a web developer, then you are on right place.

Please follow the steps:

1. Start learning PSD to HTML Conversion
PSD means Photoshop Design. For a website, you must have a design for website’s landing page. You can google for free PSD files, you can easily download those PSD files. After that, you can watch some youtube video tutorials on how to convert PSD to HTML. You can also enroll for some free courses on Udemy for PSD to HTML tutorials. Once you have good knowledge of PSD to HTML conversion, please try to convert at least 3 PSD to respective HTML.

2. Start learning basic PHP tutorials. PHP is very basic & easy language for website development. It’s very much used by the majority of web developers. Apply your knowledge on your created HTML landing pages. Like you can create static pages i.e. about, contact, services etc.

3. PHP tutorials are freely available on youtube as well as on Udemy.

4. After that you have significant knowledge about PHP web programming, you should prepare yourself for interviews. For interviews, you can find programming & PHP technical interview questions on the google search. There are many links available for PHP interview questions.

5. With knowledge of PHP, you should also have knowledge of basic C & C++ programming languages. C language is the base for all other languages. The syntax of C is very easy to understand. So, please try to learn basic C language also for interview preparation.

6. Along with interview questions, you should also prepare yourself for basic programmes, like prime number, patterns, factorials etc. You can find all these programmes on google.

After following the above steps, you can surely crack your interview for web developer & start your career as a web developer.

Thanks for reading!

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