Google Photos Backup and Restore

Google Photos Backup and Restore

Google photos is a great storage facility for backing up and restoring media from computer, mobile or any other storage device. Google provides free 15 GB storage space for storing any kind of data such as files, documents, images, videos, zips etc. And this 15 GB is more than enough for a normal user for life time storage availability.

If you have turn on automatic cloud backup, then you don’t need to worry about your lost pictures, videos or other documents.

Even, you can search for the lost media. There are many search criteria available, which are listed below:

Year wise search: You can search all photos captured or backed up in a particular year.

Month & Year wise search: You can search by typing a combination of month & year.

keyword based search: You can type in any name of photo if you remember.

Location based search: If your photo has location tagged in it, you can type location in search and it will show related results.

Face based search: It will show all human faces, and click on any face will display all the pictures in which that person appears.

Things based search: Like if your image has cake, then you can find it filtered in birthday or cakes section.

Apart from safe backup and restore, you can also group media as albums, collages, animations etc. Google photos generates animations automatically for a group of photos based on a particular criteria.


You can also share media with your loved once instantly. You can share via bluetooth, whatsapp, google’s Files Go App, skype etc. You can upload media on drive, download, copy the link and share anywhere with anyone you want. You can share individual media file, albums, collages or selected media also. So, there is a vast range of options available for sharing and managing your media, while keeping it safe and accessible always.

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Google Photos Backup and restore
Google Photos Backup and restore

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