Lost your phone? How to find my phone using google search service

Lost your phone? How to find my phone using google search service

Read & follow the steps to find android phone which is lost

We often put our android phone somewhere in our home or office or at some other place. Then we forget where we have put the phone. To find android phone, you don’t need to install any special apps which eats your phone’s memory. You can simply find your android phone with your google account only.

Sometimes, phone is on silent mode also & then we have no way to search it apart from finding your phone each and everywhere. It’s general case, that whenever our phone is lost, it’s always on silent mode 🙂 Just kidding.

Now, what to do to get your phone?

Don’t worry, we have a very easy solution to this problem.

You don’t need to install any tracking apps in your phone, or don’t need to do difficult stuffs.

First of all, a great THANKS to google team, to innovate this solution to find android phone.

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For this solution to work, you will have to make sure about these things:

  • Your phone must have a working internet connection.
  • Your phone is connected to your google account or any other google account you have access to

Now, To find android phone, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Log in to google on any other computer system
2. Open google search
3. Type any of these keywords or something similar in search box: where is my phone, how to find my phone, i lost my phone, how to search my phone etc.
4. Google will show your mobile device info at the top result area. Please see the screenshot attached:

find android phone
how to find my phone

You can select your lost device from the device drop down.

You can see the option to ring. This means, that google will make your device ring at full volume regardless of silent mode. So, clicking on “Ring” option, your device will ring, and you can find it easily.

This google service is completely free and very easy to find your lost phone. If this doesn’t work, there might be a possible reason that it is not connected to internet. In this case, no tracking apps or other programs will work to find your phone.

So, it’s good habit to make internet connection ON in your android device 24×7 to make sure, that you can easily find it if it’s lost somewhere.

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