How to earn money without investment

How to earn money without investment

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How to earn money without investment?

This question is very common now, but this is more similar to a problem, and a lot of people can not find it’s solution easily.
Often, I see many people asking others “what to do”? as they feel bored whole day. Many of these people are youngsters because after their graduation and in some cases, after their schooling, they have plenty of free time as they would be waiting for the admission for higher studies.
One should not waste that time, because at that point, you have plenty of free time, energy and enthusiasm to learn something new, earning money etc. So, you should utilize that time in something which makes you busy, and in that time, you can freely do anything without pressure of anyone.
You can utilize your free time by doing some part time jobs either online or offline jobs. It is possible to make income from your own interests.
Offline and online, in both modes, it is possible to earn money without investment.


So here are some simple ways of making yourself busy and doing something meaningful.


1. Drawing, Painting, Designing


People who have interest in designing and creativity, can do this kind of tasks for their enjoyment. You can also earn from this. Like you can put a small banner outside your home saying that “contact here for school projects, design work, painting etc”. You can also try various freelancing websites like freelancer, upwork, guru, peopleperhour etc. You can upload your portfolio on such websites. And all these stuff are completely free of cost almost on every website i.e. without investment. You can participate into online design contests also. Just keep in mind that whatever you would do should make you satisfied. Another thing is that, please do not rush for money at this phase of life. It is time for you to explore yourself and bring out your talent in front of the world.
Some websites where you can find jobs related to your hobbies:

In addition to these websites, there are more available if you search for.
No investment is required to showcase your portfolio on these websites and you can easily get projects and participate into design contests.


2. Gardening


Gardening is very relaxing option for utilizing free time. You feel very calm and cool by doing gardening stuffs. You can help old people by helping them in going to park or you can take gardening work from your neighbors and relatives and this way, you can be paid for your services without any investment. Your emphasis should not be on earning money. Just enjoy what you’re doing.


3.  Teaching


Being a teacher is an honorable opportunity. If you have good command over some subjects, you can give tuition to your nearby children and youngsters as per the subject specifications. You can either charge a fee or teach for free. It will increase your knowledge as well as increase your confidence level. Therefore, you have your own profit in this job.


4. Writing & Translation


Writing is one of the best pass time option but require some research work. If you are interested in writing, then you can write articles, stories etc, to be published in magazines, newspapers etc. This way, you will feel proud to be a writer, as well as receiving money for your writing. Writing professionally will definitely help increasing your writing skills plus you will get extra knowledge about the topics of your articles. Since writing needs ZERO investment from you, so you can start right away.


5. Blogging


Another way of passing free time along with earning money is Blogging. Blog writing does not require any extra skills or professional writing qualifications. Whatever topic you have in mind, you can start making your thoughts appear on the screen. As you will grow in your writing, you will get other people’s responses and comments on your blog posts. Make a schedule for blog writing for each day. You can even write blogs for others and they will pay you. You can come up with knowledgeable content which can help others in some way. This will surely enhance your writing skills as well as your knowledge to some extent. I will post how to blog.


6. Re-use waste materials


If you have old and waste objects at your home, which will not be used anywhere, you can make use of that for preparing some sort of decorative items, useful holders, soft toys etc. But this require your interest and some knowledge of crafting & creativity. You can then sell your created items in your nearby shops or other shops, and on online shopping websites. This way, you can make huge money. Because of easy availability of waste materials, it is very good choice to earn money without investment.
I will come up with more ideas on how to earn money without investment.
Hope this post would help you.
So, I will keep posting….
Thank you for reading.

Good day!

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