33 best ways of earning money with low or no investment

33 best ways of earning money with low or no investment

work from homeHi friends, here I am introducing 33 best earning money ideas online, or earning money from home, or earning money without investment. Best earning money ideas which are unique and very easy to get started.

1. Become a designer

If you’re creative person then you must like creating good designs, such as backgrounds, interior, gift wrapping papers, cartoons, visiting cards and many more. You can find similar jobs on various freelancing websites. These websites don’t charge you for applying to the projects. They have monthly fixed bids criteria for basic or starter membership plan which is free of cost.

These freelancing websites include:


This is one of the best earning money ideas, as you can do all the work from sitting at your home. Bidding, project acceptance, stat working, client communication, getting payment directly in your bank account, is very exciting.

2. Fashion design

If you have professional knowledge in fashion design industry, then you can open your own startup business from your home itself. You don’t need to buy or rent any extra space for the beginning. You can design clothes, jewellery, footwears etc. You can also take projects of same from freelancing jobs websites.
You can ask for a good price for your creative efforts, because you design it once, and they sell the design for a long time.

3. Web development

This is also one of the best earning money ideas. You can earn a very good income by working from home as a freelancer. Website development involves high technical knowledge, and logic building. Someone having web development knowledge and experience can easily earn money by working from home. If you want to work as a freelance web developer then you need to have a high speed internet connection, and a good computer system.
You should be available to your client whenever he want to do any discussion regarding project. Be honest and dedicated, as well as self-disciplined while working from home.
Because you are your own BOSS, and you don’t have any influence of someone else, therefore, you should be persistent.

4. Mobile app development

Similar to website development, mobile development is another good way of income one can generate by working from home. You can find many mobile app design, development, testing and deployment projects on freelancing websites.

5. Theme development

Theme development is less time consuming work. You must be creative for making themes and templates for websites, mobile apps and IOS apps etc. You should keep in account, the latest theme development standards. You must have good experience of HTML, CSS, Javascript, animations etc for giving life to your theme. You can sell themes for your client, or you can develop themes and sell on various websites like themeforest.net, codecanyon.com, templates.net etc. This is one of the best earning money ideas.

6. WordPress plugin development

You can create wordpress plugins that are rare in market, and sell them on other websites or your own website for a good price. If it’s a good plugin, and people really need it for their website, then they will surely purchase it. Just assume, you are selling the plugin for $5 USD only, and you made 20 sales initially, then you get $100 from a single plugin, which you have worked on only for 2 to 7 days. Therefore, this is a great idea of earning money easily.

7. Painting classes

In summer vacations, many students and children like to spend their vacations in learning something new, something creative, something that brings joy in their life. If you are good at painting, then you can start classes from your own house. You don’t need a large space. Gather a small number of students, and start teaching them. You should be an honest teacher, you should bring out your student’s talent on painting paper, clothes or something else. You can charge a significant amount by doing this. You will also love this, and this way, you can improve your creativity also.

8. Tuition classes

You can choose any subject of your interest and expertise, and start teaching students. You can do it as a part time job also, if you are already working full time somewhere else. If you are a teacher by profession, then you can give tuitions in evening time or as suitable for you. If you are language expert, then you can start language courses such as for english, hindi, computer etc.
You are not limited to give tuitions for your subjects only. You can teach everything you know, but you must be an expert in that field. If you’re good at computer hardware, then you can give training in that area. Other fields are computer languages, computer basics or fundamentals and other courses. You will definitely earn a good income from this work.

9. Computer classes

This is same as above stated tutoring work. For this, you need a very small investment. Bank can easily provide you a small loan for this work. You can start from a single computer system initially. Today, every student has a laptop, so you might not need a single computer also. So, you can earn money without investment from this income idea.

10. Cooking classes

You can start cooking classes if you like to cook, and you enjoy cooking. You can also start tiffin service. People in metro cities miss homemade food or “GHAR KA BANA KHANA”. You can provide homemade food as tiffin service to these people. You can do this work on contract basis with some companies and earn a good income from your home.

11. Homemade fresh products like sauce, soup, pickle etc.

While mothers and housewife can not go out and work outside their home. If you are a housewife, then also you can do a good business working from home. And the good thing is that you are not limited to a single service or a single thing. You can make products like pickle, sauces of different vegetables, packet food like noodles, bhujia, dried foods made at home etc. People like these foods very much, and you can make a very good earning from this business. These are the best earning money ideas which you can turn as your work from home business.

12. Gardening

If you like gardening, then you can make profit from this hobby. You can grow vegetables at your home and if growth is good, then you can sell the vegetables to your neighbors also. If you have large garden area, then it’s very good thing for you, as you can also grow fruits and sell them also. It’s a great idea to work from home, you don’t have any work pressure, and you can spend as much time as you have.

Furthermore, Here are other best earning money ideas:

13. Develop ebook on any subject you have great knowledge into and sell it online
14. Handmade keychains, small jewellery, bracelets etc., can sell them online
15. English speaking classes
16. Consultancy service
17. Paint houses, buildings etc.
18. Babysitter
19. Blog writing
20. Article writing in daily newspaper
21. 3D modelling
22. Earning money from Data entry projects
23. Handmade crafts and handmade items are also great earning money ideas from waste materials available at home.
24. Handmade greetings and sell then in nearby shops
25. Open stationery shop, and expand it over time, like selling magazines, second hand books, engineering project materials
26. If you have enough experience in garments, then you can purchase stock from wholesale market, and sell.
27. Fast food shop

People love fast food. Fast food is good taste of youngsters. This business can not become old, as food is the primary need of any person. So, earning money from this business is easy.

28. Dairy shop, also include bread, butter, biscuits, chocolates, disposable items like cup, plates, glass, spoon etc. Expand with many more products of daily use.
29. Stitching clothes, you can do it sitting at your home.
30. Stitch curtains and pillow covers from extra clothes which remain unused while stitching clothes and old sarees, bed sheets etc. These are also the best earning money ideas for housewives.
31. If you have unused room at your home, you can rent it.
32. photo copy and printing shop. Expand the shop for selling folders, staplers etc.

33. Sell books on rent

You can sell old books and magazines on rent. It is a great income idea. But you have to do hard work for this. Income might not be life changing instantly, but you can earn something from this work.


Please look at these ideas, and start working on one you think which is suitable for you. I will come up with more best earning money ideas in my later posts and execution process for those ideas. I hope these ideas will be especially relevant to woman want to work from home.
Please feel free to ask any questions regarding anything, I am here to help you.

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