advantages of online shopping

advantages of online shopping

e-commerce is growing very fast everywhere. There are many pros and cons of buying products online instead of buying products from local market. But there are many advantages of online shopping over shopping from local market.

Here, I am exploring some reasons why should we use e-commerce market for purchasing daily need products, cloths etc.

Reason #1. Cheap rates

There are some products or product categories, which are cheap in online market, and costly in online market. So, if we buy those items from online market, then we can save some money. Although, It’s not true for all the products which you buy from online marketplace, but you should consider checking the product price in online market to check if you can save money or not after you buy an item from that store.

Reason #2. Variety of Single Product

Online marketplaces consists of wholesalers, brands, and shops from all over the world. So, we can see variety of every single product. In local market, there is limited variety of a product which we want to purchase, so we have to buy that, even when we need something else. So, in online product marketplace, we can have the things from all over the world at one place, and we can select and browse products according to our need. This is a significant advantage of online shopping over shopping from local markets.

Reason #3. Discounts & Promotional Offers

Online e-commerce websites offer sales & discount offers on products. They also offer promotional coupons which we can use while purchasing anything from their site. These coupons have some promotional codes, like discount of 10%, specific bank discount, cashback etc. We should be aware of these offers, as they last for a limited time period and might have limited product quantities. Mostly, they offer these discounts and sales on occasions like festivals, summer, winters, new years etc.

Reason #4. Delivery at your door step

When you plan your shopping, you will have to spend so much time in the market, and sometimes it might happen, that you spend 2-4 hours in the market, but you don’t find product of your choice, generally it happens in case of cloths, and foot wears. There is advantage of online shopping over shopping from local markets, that you don’t need to spend so much of your precious time, and not even feel tiredness standing at shops for buying products. If you buy products from online market, the product will be delivered at your doorstep within 7-10 business days.

Reason #5. Saving your precious time

It really saves your time which you spend in local market for buying products. You just need an internet connection and browse products from online stores. They offer you wide range of a single product, and you can filter your search by criteria like price, color, material, stock availability, size etc. You can have both cheap and costly products, and you can see images of almost every product. Buying product is just 5 minute task consequently saving your time after you have chosen your products.

Reason #6. Cashless Purchasing

Online marketplaces offer many payment options, such as:

  • Creadit / Debit / ATM Card
  • Net Banking
  • EMI
  • Wallet Balance
  • Cash on Delivery

We can make payment online via any of the listed methods, therefore, we don’t need to worry about cash while shopping from online stores.

Reason #7. Easy return & replacement methods

If we have purchased an item from any online marketplace, and due to some reason we don’t like the item, then we can easily request a return for that item. If we have size or color issue, or if item is damaged, then also there is option for the replacement. But return & replacement are only applicable on some conditions. These conditions vary from store to store. The major conditions is that, item should not be used, and must be sent to the seller as it was received to the customer. In 99% cases, return & replacement are very easy. And you don’t need to send product to seller yourself, the marketplace itself arrange for pickup & delivery.

There are many more advantages of online shopping over shopping from local market, which you can see yourself once you start purchasing some products from e-commerce websites.

List of some popular online shopping websites:


I hope you will like this article. In this article, you got to know about advantages of online shopping. I will soon publish another article on cons or disadvantages of online shopping. Hence, let’s start buying online, and take advantages of online shopping.

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