9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

Crime fighting and saving the city from villains isn’t exactly a high-paying job. In fact, you’ll need to have money in order to support your role as superhero. In the Marvel and DC universes, we have encountered superheroes with billions and billions to spend. There’s billionaire Bruce Wayne, who is Batman; billionaire-playboy Oliver Queen, who is the Green Arrow, and quirky heir to the Stark billions, Tony Stark who is Iron Man.

We’ve seen their jets, latest sports cars, amazing weapons and gadgets. It’s not uncommon for them to throw their money around in order to foil the attempts of various villains lurking in their respective cities. However, villains too have their share of wealth. They aren’t the depressed and destitute who just decide to wreak havoc on the city and make our heroes’ lives miserable.

Take Lex Luthor, for example. He’s the scion of the massively wealthy Luthor family. He not only inherited the crazy gene from his father, he also left him billions as well. He spends his money trying to bring down Superman, who is busy working as a reporter for the Daily Planet when there’s no emergency in Metropolis.

In the case of the Uncanny X-Men, arch rivals Magneto and Professor X are both extremely wealthy. They used to be friends and both have massive estates and wealth. They both use their money to search for mutants, or gifted people all over the world and train them to fight on their side. With his money, Professor X was able to build Celebrex, a gigantic neural network that connects his mind with anyone on the planet.

These superheroes and villains who have sizable bank accounts are valued at $500 million up to $90.7 trillion! Who else is on the list? Read on to find out!

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

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